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Earth in Travail

The Earth is in travail, it is twisting & churning & awaiting it’s redemption.
CALIFORNIA. HALF OF IT WILL SPLIT FROM NORTH TO SOUTH AND FALL AWAY.. Hawaii will also be effected form this.(tsunami)
We will be hit with another attack worse than 911.
There will be a war with China over Taiwan. While we are busy with China, Russia and her allies will hit America, Then after that AMERICA WILL BURN.
Bush has gone too far with the Road Map of Israel and the Palestinians.

God will start taking his hand of protection off America.
We will see all kinds of natural disasters around the world and IN America.
In about 1996 I saw that America would be hit 3 times & the last one would be final.
The American people must repent so God will protect us in order to prevent the devastation from being so great.
God will protect his people in these times of trouble.
This is the times of the END.

May 10, 2005 at 2:23 am

Jesus Standing on the Globe

I saw Jesus standing on top of the globe of the world, as he looked directly at me, he started to raise his right hand from his side. (Jesus had shoulder length blond hair that was shining and was wearing a white robe tied around the waist).
With anticipation I looked and waited to see how far his hand would be raised.
He only raised his hand about a fourth of the way.
Judgment has started for the world and the USA. When his hand is completely raised that will be the time that he will call his bride home to be with him forever.

Revival will last for three years(2008)then a drastic decline in America will start.

May 8, 2005 at 2:22 am

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