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Loose Control of Oil Supply

The trucking industry will have a large amount of their trailers moved by other means than the usual tractor. Others will just be sitting. The trucking industry is going to be in trouble.

The oil people because of there arrogance and greed will have oil draining from their head and they will not know it until it is too late—then they will go crazy.

This will happen by Nov.2006

I saw the oil prices at a different time but decided to put it here anyway.

When oil was at $70 per barrel I saw it going to $47 per barrel.

Some way some how the Arabs (the head) are going to loose control (or just loose) of the oil supply.

In and around November of 2006 Russia and Venezuela took over the private owned oil companies in their country. They now control 60% of the energy resources in the World. That’s not considering the Countries they have control over.

Update–Oil rose to $147.27  July 11, 2008

Update—12-2-2008 .Oil fell to $46.85bl.  and  lower.

Update 6-8-10–Loosing Oil coatrol.. April 20,2010 an oil rig exploded in the Gulf causing unstoppable oil flow in the waters. As of June 8,2010 there is oil on the beaches and land of the bordering states of the Gulf waters with little relief in site.

I saw two-three heads lying in the gutter of a street with oil coming from them. There were expensive cars randomly stopped in the street as if a Mafia style shoot-out had just occurred. The streets were empty.

Is there more than one oil flow coming from the Gulf waters or what will this do to Big Oil? Will this cause oil to also come under Government control? Could this reach Martial Law level for FEMA and the streets be void of people?




November 9, 2005 at 2:47 am

Earthquakes in Unusual Places

There will be a table shaking earthquake that will rock your kitchen table.
It will be in a place where it doesn’t normally happen.

I live in Ohio so I’m thinking–The Mississippi Valley or Ohio Valley. It was my table that was falling over.

November 2, 2005 at 2:41 am

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