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Three Cities Under Attack

I saw three cities under attack. (//– One I believe was Washington  DC (although it could have been NY.), the other two I don’t know the names. – -//)
Then after that there were very few cars on the highway. There were a few horses and buggies and some people were in the woods on horseback.
They met at a small country store and one person, only one person, left the area on a mission, after getting a mid 60s truck started.
God will deliver his people—I was delivered from the blasts, I receiver help from people on the way,
I rode in the buggy, I was given a ride on a horse in the woods, I was delivered from the wolves in the woods, I was directed to follow the dogs on the path and they would take me to the place, I was taken to the country roadside store and I had help from an unknown force to get the truck started to go on a mission.

(//– The (1) –DC, (2)- Atlanta– (3) could be Memphis,Tenn.??.
Washington DC. Will be hit the hardest.
I only saw symbolic locations but I know Washington DC. was one of them.
It will happen but I don’t know the time frame.—//)

(//– It also could be (1)- NY, (2)- DC, and (3)– around Winchester Va.
On the Atlas, if you put a straight edge on Ny.,DC. and Atlanta they will all line up.
All I can say is that this is the pattern that I was shown and there were no scales to go by.
I also saw Charleston WVa. being hit at one point. –//)

(//–I can’t get the exact locations on a PC, but can get an idea.
Check dots below for locations. –//)

– ———- —                               *          << (1) Washington DC

–  (3)>      *
———                         *               <(2)

After this happens it will bring this country to its knees, BUT God will take care of his own and guide them through seemingly impossible circumstances.

February 24, 2006 at 2:57 am

Destruction During Peace Treaties

I saw people cleaning out ventilation shafts then, I saw people in hospitals with black spots all over their body.
Another scene there was several fortresses in different locations being completely blown up while some of the people were out making peace treaties.
This happened in America

February 20, 2006 at 2:53 am

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