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Iran Invasion

We are going to invade Iran on three fronts with an overwhelming force and be victorious.
Some are in position now planning their way of escape after the initial hit while waiting on reinforcements to begin the battle.

March 29, 2006 at 2:55 am


The Man-Child is at the verge of coming forth. He will come forth soon.

I took the sent forth to mean minister on earth.

I saw that there were minor adjustments being made; a couple that were being helped or tutored. They were young but mature people that were in different areas, but of the same body, waiting to be sent forth. I think that the preparations the people have made in order to be part of the Man-Child ministry will enable them to be anointed and sent forth at the same time to minister to the people.

March 29, 2006 at 2:18 am

New President

I saw people looking around for a new president because the one was missing…

another scene–
There will be a scurry around election time to find a TEMPORARY person to run for President until the current President recovers from, as if ill.
The President had another ill spell before the Election.
The party will run a Candidate for President but will not be the one on power.

Will something happen to Bush around Election time in 08 and Chaney step in temporarily as President?  Bush will have two ill spells.
If Marshal Law is in effect at the time of the Presidential Election in 08, the current President will still be in power.
If something happens around Election time there will be no Election, but the Party Candidates will be known.

-ill: Not up to recognized standards of excellence or conduct; distressing; harmful; cruel; an ill manner; evil ; disaster or harm.  Not able to perform.

March 24, 2006 at 2:17 am

Jesus Will Soon Bring Us To the Father

I was on the side of a mountain with another person who I knew to be one of the sons of the prophets.  I was tending a solid white lamb that had a ever smooth slick coat of wool.  I was holding a white rope that was attached to the lamb’s neck while it was grazing..  All of a sudden the lamb started to move around the side of the mountain and then went straight up towards the top.  The son of the prophets did not go with me.  As I gave the lamb more rope it started running full speed higher and higher.  I was so amazed that I could keep up with the Lamb running like that.  I never let go of the white rope that was around the lamb’s neck.

When the lamb broke into the full gallop is when it sensed its owner and master.  At the top of the mountain was an old white haired man with a white beard that was slowly descending the mountain to meet the lamb.  But it seemed that the old man had not moved more than 5ft from the top of the mountain until the lamb had reached him.  The old man caressed the lamb and I was still holding on to the white rope that was around the lambs neck.

Jesus, the lamb, through the Holy Spirit, the rope, will very quickly cause us to ascend the mountain of the Kingdom to our Father.  I believe this is soon to happen.  The son of the prophets failed to receive the anointing that I did.  In 2 Kings 2:15 -18 the sons of the prophets didn’t believe that Elijah had been taken into the presence of God but thought he was still on earth and so were not included in the gathering. They represented those who were trained by the school of the prophets and as such the Church System.

March 21, 2006 at 2:54 am

Safe Havens

I saw safe havens in locations along the southern states, but I also knew there were more all over the US. The locations that I saw were south of the Tenn. parallel. They were in the Western part of the Carolinas, South Central Tenn., North Western parts of Ga., Ala., Miss, North Eastern La., and East Central Arkansas.

March 19, 2006 at 2:17 am

Tribulation, Money, Provision, & Refuge

I was sent to serve a one day jail sentence. When I went to the gate at the guard desk to be released, I was told that I had two more days to serve. I said, no, I only had one day to serve. The guard, whom I knew, said the sentence had been changed during the night to a three day term.

While going back to the quarters there were two more people that were coming in to serve a jail term. One was a preacher and the other one was a young street lady.  I had two large rolls of money as big as my fist. I was trying to hide the money but there was no place to put them that they would not be seen or look suspicious.  I considered the guard for safe keeping since I knew him, but decided against it because I knew I really couldn’t trust him with the money. I knew I would never get it back. I also couldn’t trust the preacher or the street lady. There was no place to put the money without people knowing you had it.  I thought the preacher could be trusted at first but he was too friendly with the lady.  No one could be trusted, I had no place to hide and I was locked in.

I feel that the Lord was telling me that money would be available for the first year of the tribulations, then after that it would be of no value to you even if you had some.  It would be confiscated, stolen and become worthless to the true believer of G-d.  You can’t trust the church leaders because they are in love with the Harlot.

In the first year the system will sucker you into their way of thinking. The transition is so smooth that you don’t know you are in it, until you start to leave at the beginning of the second year. Then you discover you can’t get out.  You are in for three years with no means of escape. I believe this represents the first three years of the tribulations  that the believer will go through. We are locked into it with no way out.

March 11, 2006 at 2:56 am

Plan of Deception

I was in some kind of machine above the field of view.
I saw a WWII plane take off from an Aircraft Carrier in the Ocean.
It looked like a F8F Bearcat but it didn’t have propellers and the cockpit was open so I could see the pilot.
It had a custom paint job in orange that faded into yellow and back to orange.
The plane was on a bombing mission to bomb a city that was an elite party town.
The reason for the bombing was in retaliation to the people that had ruined the face and looks of their one time friend.
They were Caucasoid English speaking people in the French quarter of town and some spoke with a very slight accent. The women were dressed in flowing silk fashions that were blowing in the gentle breeze.
I was to observe the operation and if the plane didn’t make it back there would be a witness of what happened.
The plane didn’t make it back.
I was still thinking, how a person could do that to his friends.
The planes color and make represents a mission that no one would expect or if they saw it they wouldn’t recognize.
The man’s was of a thin stature, but the face was layered with large bumps, knots and warts.
The only you could recognize him was by his speech and walk. This was the same man that was the pilot of the plane.
The plane didn’t return but I saw the pilot later talking to his friends as if nothing had happened that He was responsible for.
__The plan worked and the pilot was still doing his agenda to his friends.
The plan was devised because his friends has/ will make him look bad in the public eye and to make himself look better he will sabotage a city. This looked like an American town. No one recognized the plan because it was on a suicide mission. Who will know the source of the attack?
After this He will turn on the America People.
The man was Bush W.

March 5, 2006 at 2:55 am

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