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The Real Hidden Manna

The Hidden Manna for the End Times Vol.1 consists of 10 messages which will come to pass and are used as study guides for things to come.
Each represents a class that has been and will be taken. The last class has already started class but if you know the previous classes you can still run and slide in (if you will) through the door of the last class before it is closed. You will have to be very studious and pay strict attention to the teacher because of such late arrivals.
The two sisters are arguing over issues. The older sister is the teacher. The true church (older sister)has the correct study guide and is being confronted by the (younger sister)  modern church.
You must not draw attention to yourself because of the conflict between the two sisters and late arrival.
The reason you are late for class is because you have been busy with personal job activities you thought needed to be done.
Some are waiting to take the last class but it has already begun. They know it has begun but they are still waiting in another room.
Each class also represents a time frame and the last class is well underway.
The 10 classes have to be taken before the 10 Kings comes into being.
At the end of the last class the 10 Kings will come into being and time is very short.

March 26, 2007 at 3:00 am

The True and False Believers

Coming on the church scene very soon in appearance only.
There will be a new and different group of people interning the church workforce,
They will appear to know all there is to know about how to meet your needs, but to the older more seasoned mature workers, they will know nothing as to how to run a church or   how to advise on spiritual matters.
It is like a newly trained sales person that greets you at the door. They appear to know all but know very little about the product.
It’s all a facade, a front and is false.
There will be a few mature workers placed through out each division to teach the new ones. Someone has to teach the new group because they know nothing about the work of G-d.
The mature ones will not be respected or wanted, but they will stay among the new ones to teach. The mature ones are very skillful in their labors and know their job well.
To the new group, the mature ones will just be in the way of how they perceive things should be done.
I can’t emphasize enough how overwhelming in numbers this new group will be compared to the mature ones.

The older church groups are not the mature ones. They are asleep, barely squinting one eye open occasionally to observe, but are not conscious enough to know or care what is going on around them. They are well dressed, over weight and in a lazy slumber, not caring about anything but themselves. Some ever know their time is short but don’t want to change.

There is a new sap arising from the old seasoned boards that have been sawn asunder and dried out for many years. The old boards have to be split in order for the new sap to come forth.
The new sap will come forth with new youth, splendor and vigor, dragging along with it a few of the older church leaders that have seen the light of the new spiritual awakening.
Not all will see the spiritual move that is taking place.
The race will be at the speed of horses, not the walk of man.

March 15, 2007 at 3:00 am

World Covenant and The Man-Child Ministry

I saw a bust figure of two breasts covered up with an angora sheep hide and over the sheep hide was another material used to secure everything in place. I thought the breasts were bound up for a time when they would be used for feeding.

The true milk of the Word is bound from being released to the multitudes, according to scriptural type, until the tribulation time has come.  …But David and Moses as types of the man-child fed and defended those few sheep in the wilderness before coming to their greater, kingdom ministry to God’s people.

There was a poster graph scale with 10 men’s Faces on it. There were 9 men in place on the chart and colored in with black. The 10th man’s silhouette was in white at first glance. There was a disagreement/struggle between two people when to put the 10th man on the chart. Then the 10th man was then put on the chart and half of his face colored in with black to satisfy the others.  I thought the men represented a period of time before completion.  What ever that period of time is, it is very short.

This could be the time when Jesus will start to feed his people through the Man Child?

10 men’s faces represent the 10 kings of the world continental divisions of the beast kingdom.  1/2 face could be the time till the beast covenant is completed at the beginning of the tribulation and the man-child begins to feed the milk to the young church on a world wide basis.

March 4, 2007 at 2:59 am

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