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Harlot Slave Labor

There will be Christians serving the Harlot during the Tribulation Period as slave labor for 2-2 1/2 yrs. . Escape will be unthinkable. If they try to escape the punishments will be severe..
This is a people at present that think it no way possible it could happen to them..

April 30, 2007 at 3:04 am

Forced Slavery

There will be large numbers of young children of both sex captured and forced to fight in the enemy’s army.
Some, but very few, of the senior adults will be assigned as interpreters and clerks for the enemy.

April 27, 2007 at 3:02 am

Hillary Clinton -Elections

I was on a boat with Bill Clinton. At first I was not too interested in talking to him but decided ,well, why not.
As I was trying to talk with him his two dogs were biting me. The one dog had a long flowing tail and didn’t resemble a dog very much but it was a dog never the less. That one kept furiously attacking me. The other one  resembling a Sheep dog only bit me a couple times and was not very aggressive. There appeared another dog that just sat and watched.
Bill did nothing to stop the dogs attack although he was in full control. He just sat there and said, if you would hurry up and state your business and leave the dogs wouldn’t bother you. Like it was my entire fault.

Later I was in a large room with many people of all cultural standards gathering in.
Then all of a sudden there were the two dogs again without the protection of their owner. They were only attacking a few random people, then they spotted me. I had a small wet dish towel in my hands. As the dogs were starting to attack me I hit them with it and they backed off. They soon realized without their owner around they could not do what they wanted as before. They tried a second attack with the look-alike long flowing tail dog in the lead but didn’t want anymore of the wet towel rebuttal.

I was on a one lane downhill slippery mud road with three cars on it.
One car was very faint and had no meaning. The other car was a rental and was parked in the way driven by Hillary. I parked my car and it begun to slide into the rental car. It was so slick that I could push my car back out of the way to prevent it from colliding with the rental. This happened twice so I decided to move the rental car out of the way so I could leave the way I came.

–My input—-
The Clinton Team will be leading an aggressive attack in the 08 elections by Hillary.
One dog in the race will do every little but look on at the elections.
The other dog will follow Hillary’s lead in the race but will not be the controlling power
or as aggressive.
They could care less what people think about their methods of campaigning.
There will be a frontal attack on the righteous and nothing will be done to stop it.
In the inauguration/fundraising gathering room there will be another attack on the righteous, but the righteous will come against it and they will back off.
The 08 elections will be a slick sliding and deceiving road to success.
The rental car is only temporally bought by money and does not belong to the assigned driver.He only uses it for a period on time.
The rental car was moved out of the way because of the righteous.
I look for the Clinton team to fail because of the righteous prayers.
Since it was in the Inaugural/Fundraising room I don’t look for Hillary to make it through the Primary Elections to be put on the 08 Election Ballot for President.
I do look for a Democrat to win the next Presidential election


The Clinton team definitely called the shots on Hillary’s campaign and it was relentless. It went down to the wire to Friday, August 29  2008, at the nomination convention night when  Hillary conceded to Obama. 


April 26, 2007 at 3:03 am

Fire Trail in The Sky

I was sitting a short distance up on the side of a hill in Wv. on the West of the Appalachian Mt. where I grew up. The house was at the bottom next to the road where my truck was parked.
In saw what looked to be a severe thunderstorm in Fl. around 5:30 or 6:00 one spring morning.
I was talking to a friend who lived in Fl. about an hour later about the storm.
While talking to him there was a very loud thundering noise with a wide fire trail that raced across the sky from one hill to the other just above the dark thick clouds. We were getting the same type of storm that Fl. got. I couldn’t hang the phone up fast enough so I dropped it in a cup of coffee I was drinking and yelled for the people to run for the truck that was on the road at the bottom of the hill. I thought if we even reached the truck there was no way of escape what was coming. I grabbed a sack lunch that I had previously packed and a couple of other items as I was running to escape.
The wide fire trail was breaking thought the dark clouds from on hill to the next.
To the North coming over the horizon were fragments falling out or the sky in the midst of an explosion. Fire spread over the Mountains in seconds burning every thing in its path in an instant.
I first thought of the space craft that exploded in the sky and left a debris trail but this was just too much and soon realized this was much more serious. At that time there were no space missions in progresses so it couldn’t have been that.
Instantly after the explosion and debris was the fire storm.
The Fl. storm could be an explosion as they resembled each other in the beginning.
If this is the case the two explosions are about an hour apart and were two different incidents. The one in Wv. came from the North.
The one in Fl seemed to be in the center of the state.
This was just above the low hanging dark clouds. As the wide fire trail broke through the dark clouds the devastation followed behind it

April 6, 2007 at 3:02 am

The Bride- August 14

I saw on August 14th  the Bride would go back to her home in Mississippi to see her family. She was to go to Augustus.
–The name Mississippi means “Great River”—
–Augustus (Latin: IMP•CAESAR•DIVI•F•AVGVSTVS)( Caesar Augustus became known as (“Son of a god”)(“Exaulted one”).
–The Bride is to go back to the Great River (Jordan) to see her family and to see the Son of God.
It was thought that the church world not except the bride because she was not good enough or attractive enough to suit them.
They did not know that she would receive new hearing, new appearance and clean washed apparel.
New hearing (new revelation and to hear Gods voice in a manner as never before).
New appearance (To be seen in a fashion never seen before).
Clean washed apparel ( Washed in the Blood of the Lamb ).
This is not the rapture—This is a new spiritual dominion for my people.

April 5, 2007 at 3:02 am

Don’t Stray Too Far

There are those who stray away from me and come back.
There is a time soon that when you get off the bus again to stray, that when you return a short time later the bus will be gone and will never return for you again.
You expected the bus to be there when you returned as it had always been.
You strayed away for only such a short time and couldn’t understand why it was not there when you returned as it had always been in the past. You missed the bus only by seconds when you returned, as you could see it going out of sight, never to return for you again.

April 1, 2007 at 3:01 am

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