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The Coming War

There is coming a War that will be fought on several fronts by individual countries having their own opponent/adversary to deal with.
There were many allies on both sides. We will get through the Straits (narrow water ways of which there are many in the Middle Eastern Regions) without many problems because we will get there first.
But first there is a cat game to be played. The cat had a laser light that came from its head that stung the feet of its adversary, a man.
At first it was wondered how the cat briefly made the man dance around to avoid the laser attacks on his feet, but the cat was easily subdued after figuring out how to stop the laser attacks..
At first he cat man of Iran will sting the feet of the US man before being subdued.
(I would take this to mean the US will have to maneuver around to avoid major casualties in the onset of the  war.)
There were some land battles but mainly the fronts will be fought from the waters.
I saw high rock cliffs on both sides of the water in some areas of narrow water ways that turned to the left in the narrow section. The US will be in the Gulf of Oman first, to secure the Strait of Hormuz.. The US and Allies were scrambling to secure other areas of water ways.
I saw the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Persian Gulf, Strait of Hormuz, Gulf of Aden, Bab el-Mandeb Strait, Red Sea, Gulf  of Aqaba, Gulf of Suez and the Bay of Bengal being involved.
I saw other water ways and land mass I didn’t recognize but were connected to the region.
That war will cause battle fronts to be fought in the USA also.
The Southeastern USA region will have severe battle lines.
The wars slaughter will be worse than the casualties of the Civil War of the1860s in the USA.
If you figure the percapita of people in the 1860s to the population in 2000s, that is a slaughter of humanity.

September 24, 2007 at 3:13 am

Earthquake in Ohio

I saw an Earthquake in South Central Ohio that brought down the ceiling.
It was in late fall while there was still a few days of warn weather left.

September 15, 2007 at 3:11 am

Taking the Mark

I saw a very attractive person with an ever so sweet voice say” take the Mark, there’s nothing to it, it won’t harm you in any way, it’s the in thing to do”.
The invitation was almost irresistible.
Then people started to flow in like going to some rock concert, so happy to be there to take the Mark.

September 11, 2007 at 3:15 am

The Young Church, Bear/Beast

The setting was a large, older, two story white house with a porch and a yard surrounded by a wilderness of trees on the side of a mountain.
There was a bear roaming around on all fours sniffing on the ground as if looking for something in the outer perimeter of the yard on the right side of the House.
There was a young child, about a year old, in the yard to the left of the porch. So I took the Child, not being afraid, to the left side of the yard where the House was between us and the Bear. Therefore the bear couldn’t see us.
The next time the Bear came around, which was a short period of time, I took the Child upon the metal roof of the tall House and put Him in a metal chimney with a cap and closed the lid for protection. There was no way the bear could climb the steep high pitch of the metal roof to get to the Child enclosed in the chimney cap.

The Child was first in the yard (earth), then it was taken to the top of the high House(Heavenly realm).
There is a young church emerging that will only follow the true word of God.
They will be caught up to Heaven in the Spirit and protected from the Beast through out the wilderness period of the tribulations.
The Bear/Beast could not see us at any time. It was only aware that we were around.

September 11, 2007 at 3:14 am

September Terrorist Attack

A terrorist attack would happen when I was at the Rendezvous.  I usually go to the Eastern Rendezvous, which is from Sept. 22-30 this year–2007.  I believe I was at the Eastern because it was so hard to get back after the attack because it is 10 hrs from home.  I remember there were road blocks and inspection points. I took back roads to get back home.  The only way that could have happened was God’s direction because I didn’t know the area.

The other Rendezvous is from Oct.12-14 and is only 30 miles from me so I could have walked back from it. The dates change from year to year but they are always in latter September to October.

The Eastern Primitive Rendezvous is in Lancaster County, near Holtwood just on the East side of the Susquehanna River. It is just like the original rendezvous from the late 1700 to 1840 fur trade era. You have to dress in period dress code. It’s like going back in time.  Everything is pre-1840.

Since this warning I decided not to go to the Eastern this year.

September 7, 2007 at 3:12 am

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