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The EAGLE Is About To LAND

The Eagle is about to land on the earth in a vulnerable environment for its safety.
In the air the Eagle is safe but on the ground there are predators.
When the Eagle lands there will be trouble in America. Its place of safety will be totally removed.
The Eagle was just a little higher than the tall fence posts.
I saw this three times. So it must be soon to come.

The Eagle is America


November 14, 2007 at 3:16 am

Greedy Leaders

I saw a Red Heifer being burned to ashes. As it burned for a period of time it turned into a Swine. As it burned for another period of time the Swine turned into a man. The man turned into a Pirates face with a patch over the left eye.  As the mans face burned it turned into a crab.

The Red Heifer, symbolizing the sacrifice of Jesus, is burned to ashes and then sprinkled in the waters for the Priests to be made clean in preparation to serve the Temple of God’s people.

Instead of offering their bodies as a living sacricice, the Priestly ministry of the church today is largely offering up a life of unclean over indulgence of their flesh.  As a swine they are unholy and unfit for their position.

A large percentage of churches today are robbing and plundering God and His people like a pirate. They are just after the money.

The Crab is an unclean creature that multiplies and scavenges everything it can feeding on the flesh of dead fish. So it is with the apostate churches.

Then a large mountain of consuming fire fell on the Crabs and consumed them all. So it will be in the day of the Lord’s wrath.

They are some drastic changes coming to the churches as we know them today.
The image and face of the church will change for all to see.
I saw this vision a few days before the Senate investigation of the church ministries who are plundering God’s flock for their own greedy lifestyle.

November 2, 2007 at 3:16 am

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