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The Experiment

I saw a woman who was the head of a spiritual type organization.
The people under her control were injecting a utopia like serum into the backs of people under the shoulder blade area next to the spine.
She ask the one Voo Doo guy injecting the drug how long it would take to kill. He said,14 minutes. So not to kill but keep the suspects in delirium, some pressure was relieved.
I had the feeling that some were being kill by this method.
The people being injected did not believe the cult type leader. To make sure they were right with God they prayed anyway. They knew if full potential of the drug took affect they would not be able to maintain realism and remain stable.
The spiritual cult leaders looked like some sort of space aliens as they watched the people being injected. They could not understand why they were praying and what its purpose was.
They studied them like specimens of an experiment.
The expression on the faces of the on lookers was a horrified look of amassment and lack of understanding. It was like why are they doing this and what’s it for.
They studied groups to see the reaction they would get.
After the sedations took place the patients were loaded on trains; there they found brothers and friends who were in the process of trying to get them to safety.

Experiments on the human body in the up coming Internment/concentration camps.


April 18, 2008 at 3:27 am

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