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The Change

I was being consulted by Oil men as to what Oil Futures would be tomorrow . I said “tomorrow would be $72.00”, knowing it would rise daily above $76.00.

I had left my home and was being entertained by/had an audience with three women (the women represents different churches segments of the body of Christ). All were supportive but one was my favorite, as we were closer in mind and spirit (the bride). I went about repairing older houses that the women owned (rebuilding the churches) (the body) and sometimes had a crew of men helping me (the Man-Child crew). This started in the summer and went into the winter.

The scene was summer again and I was with the woman I liked (the bride) on a grassy hill next to a small older building watching others in a distance. Those had not yet achieved what we had but was working toward the goal. (the true body of Jesus in learning His ways)( the Man-Child and Bride have a closer relationship to Jesus at this point)

Next–It was a nice warm day in a large city with multi lanes and one way streets in the down town area that I was not familiar with. The streets were almost void of any traffic as I was leaving and traveling light. I was wondering, where was everyone, where had they gone.

Another city—As I went into winter weather I saw my old friend the Governor (Jesus) and a couple of his friends clearing a path in the snow.

There were a few other streets and parking lots cleared but I took the path the Governor and friends had cleared.

As I was leaving one area of the city I said to the Governor, “keep fighting to clear the path”. (There are other look alike ministries with a wide parking lot way of distraction, bur only the narrow path will lead to the victory in Jesus).

It seemed a bit strange to be clearing a path with a pitchfork along with shovels.

June 11, 2009 at 10:10 am

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