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Things That Have Come To Pass

This is happening regardless if one want’s to believe it or not and it is happening big time. It can only escalate in the future.

This is the path Katerina followed. Texas was no affected as stated. Florida was not under water and Chicago was not in this, so apparently there is there is more to come on this two-fold vision.            Click on Map to enlarge

Loosing Control of Oil Supply

Hillary Clinton-Elections.

It did go down to the wire on the night of the nomination when Hillary conceded.

Look at the news today 2010.


Nothing is secret today and it’s not getting any better.

This was just before they closed banks in Ca. It’s just begun.

February 26, 2010 at 1:45 pm

EMP or —

I saw the word “birring” being used is a sentence and it came from Above, North or like Alaska. The incident didn’t seem to bother me very much.(There could be numerous reasons for that.)
Days later after that I noticed someone had stolen my gun and a person of authority was using it.

Much later in the day I still didn’t know what it meant but the word whirring kept coming to mind. Birring and Whirring are tied to gather in meaning. A strong forward momentum; driving force; a force, as of wind; to move so to produce a vibration or buzzing sound.
I don’t know if this has to do with a solar flare and winds formed on the sun that could produce an EMP effect on the earth. EMP-Electro-magnetic Pulse could knock out communication grids and electrical power in certain areas.

Whether by the sun, other means or both, the push is on for this to happen. If from above, it could be from the sun; from the North, look for Russia to be involved; from Alaska, look for HAARP. If it were from the sun the places where it is night time would have less consequences. This action can also cause earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Sooner or later this will happen.

The part where it didn’t bother me much—-That depends how connected you are to the grids, how much you depend on them, can you live without them and you source for existence.

The stolen gun,, This could be gun confiscation under Martial Law like what happen after hurricane Katrina.


A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun, which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption. Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases and are tremendously hot (from 3.6 million to 24 million °F). They are ejected thousands of miles from the surface of the Sun.


The solar wind is a continuous stream of ions (electrically charged particles) that are given off by magnetic anomalies on the Sun. The solar wind is emitted where the Sun’s magnetic field loops out into space instead of looping back into the Sun. These magnetic anomalies in the Sun’s corona are called coronal holes. In X-ray photographs of the Sun, coronal holes are black areas. Coronal holes can last for months or years

It takes the solar wind about 4.5 days to reach Earth; it has a velocity of about 250 miles/sec (400 km/sec). Since the particles are emitted from the Sun as the Sun rotates, the solar wind blows in a pinwheel pattern through the solar system. The solar wind affects the entire Solar System, including buffeting comets’ tails away from the Sun, causing auroras on Earth (and some other planets), the disruption of electronic communications on Earth, pushing spacecraft around, etc.


birr 1 (bûr)


1. A whirring sound.

2. Strong forward momentum; driving force.

intr.v. birred, birr·ing, birrs

To make a whirring sound.

birr1 Chiefly US and Scot


to make or cause to make a whirring sound


1. a whirring sound

2. force, as of wind

3. vigour; energy

[Old English byre storm, related to Old Norse byrr favourable wind]

whir (hwûr, wûr)

v. whirred, whir·ring, whirs


To move so as to produce a vibrating or buzzing sound.

To cause to make a vibratory sound.


1. A sound of buzzing or vibration: the whir of turning wheels.

2. Excited, noisy activity; bustle: the whir of busy shoppers.

February 22, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Beware; The Bear Is Coming Alive

A man was removing the meat in strips from a Brown Bear without removing the inter parts or the hide in order to preserve it’s natural look. The bear had been sedated in order to perform this procedure. All of a sudden the bear started to arouse; the next moment it was coming alive too fast and the knife was stuck in its rib. There were three strips cut from the bear. Two were cut loose and the third was being cut when the knife got stuck half way through the process.

The man yelled for Stevenson in the next room for help. The man knew there was not enough time to react before the bear was completely at its full capacity. There were no more anesthetics and he had no time to get another knife to render the bear helpless. He also knew the person he yelled for could not reach him in time. The man knew they had gone about this procedure the wrong way and had not been careful enough in their maneuvers to use every precaution necessary. The man knew when the bear recovered from its present state it would devour everything in its sight. There was nothing the man could do to prevent this; he was scared and powerless but it was too late.

The ferocious Brown Bear is Russia, whom many thought was rendered helpless in the 80s. Not removing the inner parts imply Russia has always been intact and its infrastructure was never dismantled, preserving its natural look while removing strips of meat. Some countries have split off from the USSR but they are still part of Russia’s sphere of influence as she sees it and will be reclaimed, as we will see in the future. The two countries of Ukraine and Georgia have been cut lose from Russia and trying to become members of NATO with reasonable success and the aid of the USA. The USA through the UN and NATO will force Russia’s true agenda.

The third section where the knife got stuck and the Bear started coming alive I believe was the action Russia took in South Ossetia and Abkhazia. That forced Russia to show her hand when the USA was exerting too much influence there so we could see the true colors. Russia is coming alive too fast for anyone to stop.

Stevenson, means Crown, so America’s British and European NATO allies that will not be able to come to her aid in the time of her most intensive need. Wrong procedures were in taking the bears cubs and relaxing our defense systems. The world is going to see the crushing blows of the Bear and The Powers That Be will not have any control over it.

February 11, 2010 at 6:26 pm

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