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The Invasion

I saw the coastal waters, lakes and beaches of USA being patrolled by foreign and domestic police/troops. Some were just out right paid thugs with no concern for human dignity or mercy. There were foreign submarines and surface vessels patrolling off shore. There seemed to be more off the East and Southern coast than in the other areas.

There were labor camps with the punishment for infractions being 134 times more harsh than normal. These camps were the harshest and most cruel that history has ever known. Age and sex was no faction in these camps.

There were areas where people were imprisoned in their own home. In those areas the punishment was far less severe as long as you stayed inside. The Powers That Be patrolled by way of rail, boats, land vehicles and electric carts. Some of the vehicles had an electric field around them, so as people touched it they died. These were used mainly to patrol large crowds.

The waterfront and beach areas were the most dangerous and came with the most severe punishment.


March 12, 2010 at 10:29 am


We are 3/4 of an hour (45min.) from tribulation.

3/4 of an hour is 32 parts of a day,

A day = one year

32 months is 2.67yrs = 2 yrs 8 months +-

2 yrs 8mo. from March 2010 = Oct./Nov.2012

I don’t know if this time frame calculation is relevant or not??

Tribulation is a very hard time.

March 1, 2010 at 6:01 pm

Something To Consider

I posted a EMP or — on my site on 2-22-10 that had the word “Birring” being used in a sentence. Birring means, vigour; energy; To move so as to produce a vibrating or buzzing sound; force, as of wind; Strong forward momentum; driving force; Excited, noisy activity; bustle: the whir of busy shoppers.

On the 26th and 27th there ware earthquakes in the Ryukyu Island, Japan 7.3,Chile 8.8, Argentina 6.3, So. CA 4.5 and Ok 4.4. This is just what was in the news in my corner of the world.

That certainly lives up the definition of the word being used in a sentence. The word earthquake (Birring) was being used in sentences all over the media and newspapers and on the lips of people.

The sun flare collapse effect was not what was expected in the strength enough to cause an EMP. This is just my way of putting it in a condensed version. It is every much more initialed than this. I didn’t look into the sun flare deal until after the vision.

There ware also tsunami effects afterward (Strong forward momentum) and looting everywhere (bustle: the whir of busy shoppers), enough to call in the Army.

Don’t count out the EMP effects and other things in the future. Like EMP, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions that can be caused from the sun.

I didn’t have a good heading for the subject so I just said EMP or —

Go here for the original.

March 1, 2010 at 11:42 am

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