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Classified Enemy Smuggling

There is a top-secret trainload of tankers with deadly chemicals being smuggled into America. They looked like new milk tankers.

There is also a trainload of top-secret classified enemy fighter jets being smuggled in America which are of the latest advanced technology aircraft the enemy has and they are black with no markings. They are being stored in farmland areas in isolated places.

May 29, 2010 at 7:23 am


They will take back the money they have given you and go on vacation for a month, 30/31 days. Going on vacation is not solving any problems, it’s leisure time with extra money to burn and everything put on hold.

The surplus will be destroyed and dead men speak lies of what they are going to do for the good times in the future.

Dead men speaking is an illusion that distorts reality about how well the future will be. It is simply not true. The promises will not be fulfilled.

If you turn back from the climb of your spiritual path you will be overtaken shortly thereafter.

I’m watching June 3rd , June 17-18th  and July 2nd or 3rd.

June 17-18 is a month (The vacation) from when I saw this, which was 5-18-10. I’m not saying anything will drastically happen on those dates but the way they were given may be a concern. The 703 came in a different manor. I wonder if anyone major will file bankruptcy on June 3rd or another bailout proposal.


Update 6-8-10-..On June 3rd.BP successfully cut busted oil pipe and will attempt to cap.. June 3rd.Government sends $69 million bill to BP. (That will be passed on to the public. A stimulus in disguise).

Archive from Nov.9,2005. .

Loosing Control of Oil Supply…

There is more than one prophecy in there. Look at the one about loosing heads and update 6-8-2010 .


May 18, 2010 at 1:01 pm

The Fast Approaching Banking Crisis

A friend and myself were working on a car and the final step was checking the spark plugs which one plug had been removed. There was also a Harley sitting there with its plugs removed. All of a sudden there was a dark cloud approaching and it started to sprinkle rain. We knew there wasn’t time to finish so we decided to push the Harley inside and try to finish the work on the car before the approaching storm was upon us.

We decided to try to put the plug in the car while enduring the rain of the approaching storm but we knew there was not sufficient time.

The strange thing was that the spark plug was on the bottom of the engine next to the radiator drain plug so we had to lie on the ground to change it and be very careful you didn’t unscrew the wrong thing.

Other obstacles were in the way like cars, trucks and trailers, so moving around freely was impossible.

A car will run on seven cylinders but it will be a rough ride and will eventually take its toll on the engine. That’s our economy today.

The powering components of the economy are upside down and only faith in what is not seen keep people contributing to it. It is not seen that this engine cannot run long. One wrong move will pull the plug on the coolant that keeps the engine that drives the economy alive. There is no time to fix it anyway before the mighty storm hits and there are too many obstacles in the way.

Fixing the Harley inside would enable one to move about if the storm ever stopped.

May 5, 2010 at 9:09 pm

The Bride

I was in a setting of a group of people in a house and the very young girl seemed to be attracted to me.

I was very careful not offend anyone. The Father kept a very watchful eye on the young girl to see that no one took advantage of her as she was still in her preteen stage and trying to mature.

The young girl is the bride to be and the church of the future not yet matured. God is/will be very protective of her to see that nothing stands in her way to perfection. God will not allow his bride to be defiled. I represent the Man-child ministry.

May 2, 2010 at 9:07 pm

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