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Woe To The Rebellious House

Isa.30:1,2.. Three woes are coming to rebellious children who serve me but work in rebellious ways. Who try to hide what they do behind closed doors. Who gather so they can tear down, not build up.
There are those who want to be in leadership rule but have not compassion or patients with others. These will go into bondage and trust in each other.

Isa.29:15,16.. There are those who take counsel to destroy my work. They will be wrought down.

Those who seek to put bondage on people. They gather with prayer and speak of things that are unbecoming of me. No one will know they say, but I the Lord knows. As time grows near, it will be a swift work and only I can stop what I will do to them. Pray I say, for I will not let my work be destroyed.

Isa.29:1- ..I will camp about them that seek to destroy, surround them with a wall and I will bring them to not. They will speak with a familiar spirit and Jezebel will try with all her might but I will squash her before she even starts.

I am God and no other will stand in my name.

It will be a quick work with no harm done to the people. Then shall the church arise and go forth.

December 9, 2010 at 11:13 pm


Israel will go to war unexpectedly without warning while others are on vacation or hunting/trips of various natures.

December 2, 2010 at 12:51 pm

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