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Gathering of the End-Time Entities

There was a gathering of friends and relation of all walks of life. They discussed things of the past and future events. Two men (they went in pairs to witness) went out into the city to view conditions of drastic change. The women (church) gathered around one man (Jesus in the Man-child ministry) to hear of his report. One woman in particular (the bride, the obedient one) seemed to be favored above the others. He told of conditions around different areas as the children (true believers) were being gathered in and of the beasts (the beast system that can devour) they would encounter. Some events would be frightening but they always overcome as the storm and darkness was closing in fast.

(The church as a whole is not the bride. The bride is chosen out of the church because of her love and obedience to Jesus and follows him where ever He goes. Esther was chosen out of the virgins. Matthew Ch.25. The ten virgins went out to meet the Bridegroom and five went on with Him to the marriage feast. The Bride has already been chosen at this point. The Bride is not invited to Her own wedding.) 

(The last seven days of the Marriage Feast is the tribulation and is at the brides home?  The 5 virgins were to escort the Bride and the Groom, (who is represented by Jesus manifested in His first-fruit body, the Man-child), to the groom’s home in heaven after the Marriage Feast. Then this is where the Marriage Supper is celebrated.)

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