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The Bomb Returned

I closed my eyes and saw a very large (huge) bomb on its way to a destination get half way and turn around and go back to its origin.
The bomb was on a trajectory chart from point A to point B. It got half way and turned around and went back to its origin.
I seamed to equate this to a Seven year period on the chart.

The 1 to 7 represent years.

As of the timeline the bomb (World War) was delayed about three years.
The bomb came from the East.
Strike a line on a global map through the center of the USA to the East and you have China, N Korea and Japan.
North Korea stuck out in my mind. It seems as N Korea will be the front for the World War

If it is from this time line, that could possibly put us at the World War, Second Seal, Red Horse Rider.


This is a hypothetical guideline analysis.
The bomb turned at mid point of the 7 years = 3 1/2 years.

The 3 1/2 year delay of the bomb could mean the tribulation won’t start till 2020.

I believe the tribulation will start on March 7 of some year.

Given from the time the signs in the heavens (September) to March is six months + two years would be March 2020 (tribulation )+ one more year would be the second seal.
Total of 2 years 6 months from September (the sign in the heavens ) to March would be the Tribulation (March 2020) and 3 years 6 months from the signs in heaven (September) to the Second Seal ( 2021) , given the the second seal is in the first year of the Tribulation.

It’s like things of the world were going too fast for Gods schedule and with prayer that we have seen God change things already. God has delayed the War for his people to have more time to prepare. I believe the War will be nuclear in part.


July 3, 2017 at 9:37 pm

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