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Anointing and Wilderness

I was walking across a large field and came across a barn with the slider doors open. There was a ladder going to the loft. There were bunk beds and plenty of hay in the loft.
All of a sudden I saw a small book drop on the floor. An old man climbed down the ladder and wiped his finger across the book and picked it up.
I stood almost frozen with a coat and mantle cross armed in front of me.
He appreciated and anointed me, then talked, he wiped the little book with his finger again and anointed me again.

Next I was at the corner of another barn in the field where I could see a deep wooded forest about a half mile away. The man said, You know your life is not yours anymore,don’t you?
I saw fresh deer tracks at the edge of the barn. I told the man I was going to find that little church in the wilderness.
At that time I saw the corner of a large building with angels flying in and out of a huge open window. As I walked across the field towards the wilderness I noticed I didn’t have the coat or mantle with me. I had nothing but what I was wearing headed to the wilderness to find that little church.

The coat represents self and the mantle represents past church affiliations.


February 18, 2018 at 7:32 am

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